Like all kids my first experience with discover art was at primary school. I have been painting since childhood and later on I painted many objects for practice.

The last decade my view of art changed, and I was hungry for development but didn’t know where to start. I realized that ‘after painting’ I had to let go and not be afraid of someone else’s opinion. I experiment with a lot of materials and discovered that powers lie in simplicity and color. ‘The difficulty in art is to persevere but also to stop on time’.

I become more and more interested in zero art and started to collect for my home. I’ve always felt the need to beautiful my home in an eclectic atmosphere. The art and furniture must be in balance, just like the art that I create; Zero Art & Neopop.

Art Basel certainly played an important role here as an inspirer.

The key themes, messages and theories behind my work is easy to explain.
As a child I loved candy. I sneaked candy on my bike on my way to school or friends. My art is bittersweet and reminds me of my childhood at the 70’s.


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